Juggler sets keepy uppy world record Videos

Juggler sets keepy uppy world record

For those who say that men can't multi-task, stop right there. Zhora, the amazing football juggler, can balance himself on a giant football whilst juggling three footballs and performs 'keepy uppies' (flicking another football from foot to foot) all at the same time. Zhora, from The Moscow State Circus, set a new world record on Thursday, at Alexandra Palace in north London, by completing 36 keepy uppies in 14 seconds - whilst juggling and balancing on the huge rolling ball. His mum enrolled him into circus school as a child and he has been performing professionally since he was 15-years-old. Now that the record is set, it's up to someone else to try and break it - but can we find another multi-tasking man out there? Report by Claire Lomas.

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