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If you've ever fancied yourself as the next James Bond then this Spy Academy experience is for you! You'll learn the essential skills required to conduct a secret agent operation during an action packed three hours at the Spy Headquarters.

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Have you got what it takes to enter a world of covert operations?!

There will be lots to learn during this spy experience including: how to use specialist spy equipment, covert cameras and UHF radios, bugs and listening devices, and lock picking gadgets. You'll also be taught how to use a pistol, the Secret Agents weapon of choice, and then test your skills with quick draw techniques. But that's not all, you'll get play with the big stuff such as how to fire machine guns in a Close Quarter Battle area, apply precision through the powerful telescopic sight of a sniper rifle (all legal air-powered), and try your skill at axe throwing. Finally you'll also receive some expert instruction on un-armed combat techniques, useful when you're cornered by enemy agents, and learn contact drills using a state of the art laser combat system. Please note: No live ammunition or weapons are used in the activities to comply with current Legal and Health & Safety legislation. Weapons used are a combination of airsoft, air rifles, replica and laser guns.

You must be at least 17 years old to do this activity (parental consent is required for under 18s). General fitness is required. If you have any medical conditions or take medication please advise the centre when you arrive. You do not need previous spy experience to participate in this experience!

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