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Bridge Bungee Jump

For the first time ever we bring you the only bridge jump available in the UK.

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Go Boing!!

The iconic Transporter Bridge in Middlesborough is the setting, built in 1911 the bridge is one of three operating in the world and is the perfect setting for the first bridge bungee jump in the UK. On arrival you will be weighed and kitted out with your back up harness. Then the biggest climb of your life, 210 steps to the top of the bridge. Once at the top walk a further 150ft to the jump zone and take in the fabulous view from 160ft as you wait to be kitted out and final checks made before you jump. Then it's your turn as you stand on the edge, and your jumpmaster shouts 3,2,1, Bungee! and with that you are away, 160ft above the River Tees. Filled with adrenaline, a waiting speed boat plucks you from the air. Finally it's back to shore, as you wave to your family and friends who are waiting for you in the viewing area. Once on dry land don’t forget to collect your certificate. DVDs, photos and other merchandise are available to purchase on the day.

You must be at least 14 years old (under 18 years need parental consent on the day). This activity is not suitable if you have high blood pressure or heart conditions; have previously damaged your neck, back, spine, legs or eyes; have epilepsy/dizziness or are pregnant. If you are over 50 please provide a doctor's certificate. No previous experience or qualifications are necessary.

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