Indoor Skydiving for Two Experiences: Flying

Indoor Skydiving for Two

Imagine a wind tunnel that could be used for testing the aerodynamics of an F1 racing car, turn it upright, jump onto the airflow and you are skydiving.

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Skydive in an indoor wind tunnel!

It's a proven concept operating in several countries to the benefit of the skydiving community and anyone else who wishes to taste the thrill of freefall in a completely safe environment. After check-in there's a short class with a video brief and instruction, then it's off to collect your flight gear. You and your group will enter the tunnel and take it in turns to fly. You each get two flights of one minute each that's about the same as three tandem skydives. In your first flights you will learn the basic freefall position. As a constant reminder of your fantastic day, you will be able to take home one DVD covering both flyers' flights.

The minimum age is 4 years old (under 18 year olds must be accompanied by an adult). You must be reasonably fit to participate in this activity and there is a maximum weight restriction of 114kg (18 stone). It is not suitable for pregnant women, if you suffer from a dislocated shoulder or wearing a hard cast. No qualifications or experience are necessary.

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