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Kite Buggying

Buggying has come a long way since it first started out in 1990.

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The latest buggies are purpose built, light, high performance vehicles and are easy to handle. Seated in your three wheel, lightweight stainless steel buggy with your kite airborne 25 metres from your outstretched arms, you have the power. Kite buggies are very maneuverable and easily controlled. The pilot can steer a course between objects, accelerate or decelerate at will and easily stop the buggy. The front wheel is steered by the pilot’s feet leaving both hands free to control the kites, with practice you can steer the buggy even upwind. Learn how to; launch, land and control foil kites safely using 4 line handles, fixed bar and depowerable bar. Learn to use safety systems. Do some scudding, learn to use a harness. Learn to use a kite buggy to travel across the wind. Regardless of age, as long as you are reasonably fit, and have respect for the wind, it is not difficult to become a safe kite buggier.

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