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Chilli Taster for Two

Did you know Chillies have been in Great Britain for over 400 years, contain more Vitamin C than Oranges and been cultivated for over 10,000 years? Chillies are a very complicated and intriguing ingredient and not just used in your local curry house.

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This is one red hot experience!

Here is a perfect opportunity to discover things you may never have known about chillies. You'll learn about the different varieties and how they're used, you'll get to taste some fresh chillies and gourmet sauces and you'll get to take some home to use in your own cooking! This experience is definitely chillies, chillies and more chillies! Your experience will begin with your host taking you on a tour of the nursery where they will talk about the chilli varieties and the different uses. After the tour, if you're feeling brave enough you will be invited to sample some of the freshly picked chillies and a range of tongue tingling, gourmet sauces including the famous Inferno chilli sauce made with habaneros. To finish you will have the opportunity to pick some of your own chillies to take home from England's first pick your own chilli farm.

The minimum age is 16 years and under 18s need accompanying by an adult. There are no fitness requirements. There are no qualifications required.

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