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Ghost Hunting

Do you dare to find out what roams in Britain’s haunted places at night? Witness for yourself what supernatural beings lurk in the dark as you take part in a ghost hunt at one of over 100 locations.

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• Choice of over 120 locations • Overnight nine hour experience • Available throughout the year

Whether you’re a budding ghost hunter or are just looking to experience something strange and inexplicable this experience is the perfect outing. You’ll join psychics and paranormal investigators on a night of séances experiments and vigils you’ll never forget. Will you see a ghost first hand? Feel your hair stand on end and witness strange noises? Will spirits communicate with you and the investigators? Throughout the night you will try to detect their presence using the latest ghost hunting equipment and try to contact the spirits through means of dowsing and glass moving. The night’s activities will culminate in the most haunted area of your chosen location with a final grand séance. What will you see in the dark? Prepare to find out.

On arrival at the location you will be greeted by your guides. This ghost hunting experience will last approximately 9 hours and take you to one of Britain’s most haunted locations where you’ll meet a team of ghost hunters and a psychic medium.  After an exclusive supernatural tour exploring the location’s history and hauntings you will then be briefed in how to use ghost hunting equipment. During the course of the evening you’ll take part in various activities in the most haunted areas of the location.  You can take part in various psychic experiments such as glass moving and dowsing as well as a final grand séance in the most active part of the location.

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