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Jousting Experience

Go back to the 'days of old' when knights were bold and submerge yourself into a Medieval environment.

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In the words of Samuel L Jackson, it's time to get medieval on your horse.

You will be dressed in medieval armour and costume learning the tricks and skills of how the knights competed in the tournament field. You will learn on horseback how to use lance, flag and shield and master the skills of a medieval broadsword before taking on the Black Knight in a Medieval Tournament culminating in a mini-Joust to win the honour of your favourite Lady in waiting or Knight in shining armour! Location: Warwick (Midlands)

You'll start off by dressing in medieval armour and costume with your very own title and coat of arms for the day; have an overview of the equipment and an introduction to the history of jousting. Mount your trusty steed for a short riding assessment before learning the basic jousting "Knight's Skills" including collecting 'Golden Rings' off the tilt with your lance and striking the dreaded man-shaped spinning 'Quintaine' target. Become master of the medieval broadsword as you learn a choreographed fight straight out of the movies to perform to your fellow 'knights-in-training', plus a chance to unleash your arrows upon the targets as you take up an English Longbow, time permitting. After lunch put everything you've learnt into practise as you complete in the "Grand Gauntlet Challenge" Medieval Tournament before you take on the resident Black Knight in a mini-joust to gain your Knighthood! The day will end with the all important Knighting Ceremony and presentation of certificates, after which you can ride off into the sunset to find a few dragons to slay!

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