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The Card Shark Show

Gasp in wonder as you witness one of the world’s leading Magicians expose the secrets behind the card tricks and sleights of hand used by gambling cheats.

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• Entrance to The Card Shark Show written and performed by Steve Truglia • 5* luxury private theatre at the Courthouse Hotel in London • Available every Friday night

Follow the development through history from Medieval Witchcraft to 1930's gangsters and see how they influenced these tricksters today. We were in awe at Steve Truglia. He truly is a master of the art of card trickery with a seemingly supernatural ability to control every card in the deck that has earned him a privileged place in the Inner Magic Circle. Steve Truglia has a prolific history; he spent six years with the UK Special Forces before becoming a stunt man and achieving a handful of world-records. A fascination with misdirection and psychological tricks in the armed forces led to his career in magic. The Card Shark Show takes you on a historical journey and uses interactive multimedia to bring the magic closer to the audience. With a capacity of only 96 seats this will be an intimate evening in the comfort of the 5* luxury theatre at the Courthouse hotel where ‘Wow’ will be the word on everyone’s lips.

The Card Shark Show is the incredible work of one of the world’s most prominent magicians. Written and produced by Steve Truglia this show exposes the secrets of the card tricks and scams used by gambling cheats. The show takes place every Friday and you will arrive at the Courthouse Hotel on London’s Marlborough Street on the evening that you have pre-booked. You can choose a 19.30 show or a later performance at 21.00 but please be sure to arrive in good time to take your seat. The Courthouse has a vibrant history; the restaurant Silk was previously a working courtroom that saw the likes of Oscar Wilde and John Lennon stand trial. In the intimate 5*luxury theatre where the show will take place you will recline in plush leather seats and soak in the atmosphere and interactive multimedia that brings the magic even closer.

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