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Land Yachting

Experience the grace of sailing, combined with the thrill of motor racing, with this popular and highly entertaining sport.

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Speed sailing on sand

Imagine yourself sitting a few inches from the ground and racing across the sand at speeds of up to (and over) 40mph with no brakes! After an initial briefing, you'll experience your first sail at low speed and you'll practice how to stop your land yacht too! You'll then progress to a figure of eight course learning safe, controlled turns. If you show good control at this level, you can go on to learn a more difficult manoeuvre called a gybe turn. It's fantastic fun!

You must be at least 16 years old to participate in this activity. Reasonable agility is required to get into the craft, so if you have any disabilities please discuss these with the centre. The maximum weight is approximately 102kg (16 stone) but this is dependent on build, so discuss with the school if over this limit. No experience or qualifications are required.

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