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Sailing Taster for Two

One of Britain's most successful Olympic sailors of all time is Ben Ainslie.

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Learn a new sport together

He is a four times Olympic gold and one time Olympic silver medalist. Be inspired by his acheivement and take up the sport yourselves. This sailing experience is perfect for introducing you both to this tricky sport. Who knows, you could become the next great sailing duo! For this experience you will be learning in a dinghy. Dinghy sailing is the activity of sailing small boats by using the five essential controls: the sails; underwater foils; the trim; side to side balance of the dinghy and the choice of route. The experience will begin with a safety briefing and instruction on the techniques required for sailing. Then it will be time to go out to the water and try it for yourselves.

The minimum age is 8 years, under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. You must be reasonably fit and confident in the water. Concern over medical or health issues should be checked before booking. There are no qualifications required.

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