Wall Roman Site

Wall Roman Site Letocetum was an important staging post on Watling Street, the Roman military road to North Wales. It provided overnight accommodation for travelling Roman officials and imperial messengers. The foundations of an inn and bathhouse can be seen, and many of the excavated finds are displayed…
Distance: 6.2 miles away

Creswell Crags Museum and

Creswell Crags is a limestone gorge honeycombed with caves and smaller fissures. There are many exciting and interesting things to do at Creswell Crags. Visit the Age of Ice exhibition in the Museum and Education Centre. Cave tours are one of the most popular activities on…
Distance: 2.9 miles away

Vina Cooke Museum of

A large collection of Victorian dolls, prams, cots and toys. There are also hand made character dolls depicting the Royal family and film stars. Opening Times: Mon. ‐ Thurs. : 10. 30am ‐ 12noon & 2‐5pm; Sat. & Sun. : 10.…
Distance: 11.5 miles away

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