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Exmoor Zoo
South Stowford, Bratton Fleming, Blackmmor Gate
EX31 4SG


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Exmoor Zoo is a unique and unusual zoo to visit! Opened in 1982 the zoo is now an ideal family venue, catering very well for the younger generation. So much change has taken place, that even a visit last year, will today see new exhibits and animals.

The zoo specialises in smaller animals, providing living spaces for many creatures no longer seen in the city zoos. The careful planting of shrubs and trees as they have matured, keep the visitor wondering what is next and provide a relaxing and natural atmosphere within the park.

We have got over 200 different Exotic Species here at Exmoor Zoo. From the tiny monkeys of South America to the largest rodent in the world. There's cheetah and maned wolfs, otters and Arctic foxes. An array of colour birds from around the world and lemurs and gibbons too!

The zoo participates in over 25 International, European and National Animal Breeding Programs. We cooperate with other zoos around the world to freely exchange animals to ensure their future survival.

Attraction Details

VenueExmoor Zoo
AddressSouth Stowford, Bratton Fleming, Blackmmor Gate, Bicton, Devon, EX31 4SG
Opening timesVarious times
Entry costs
Attraction typeZoos


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