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45 Minutes of Music @ The Meeting House

The current series of ’45 Minutes of Music’ runs until May: concerts are on the last Wednesday of each month and start at 12 noon. The series is performed by the University Organist, D’Arcy Trinkwon – the internationally acclaimed concert organist regarded as one of the outstanding virtuoso musicians of his generation. He is also Organist of Worth Abbey. Admission is free and all are welcome.

These fascinating, relaxed and informal concerts include interesting verbal introductions from DArcy who explains all about each piece of music. The concerts are aimed to be interesting to everyone.

The organ in the Meeting House is one of the iconic instruments of its period. One of the finest organs in the South East, it was built in 1966 by Grant, Degens and Bradbeer, and its futuristic design still looks avant-garde today. It was recently fully restored by Clevedon Organs with the addition of a very modern mobile console which allows the audience to watch everything the performer is doing and be totally involved.

The series programme features Toccatas of all periods from the fast and the furious, the rhythmic, the riotous to the romantic, the explosive to the euphoric And each of the 5 concerts in this series includes one of Bachs 5 toccatas and fugues written for organ. There are modern toccatas, baroque toccatas, loud ones, quiet ones

TOCCATA: a musical composition for a keyboard instrument designed to exhibit the performer's touch and technique...

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