​A two-person ​exhibition focused​ on processes and interventions in mark making.

An exhibition featuring Leyden Gallery artists Hilary Ellis & Atsuko Nakamura.

Atsuko Nakamura has recently exhibited in a solo show in Japan & through her residency in New York. We welcome her back to Leyden Gallery for the exhibition SALT, as she brings her new salt sculpture In Between the Beginning and End, to be shown alongside earlier sculptures and works on paper; all of which were made in the shadow of the aftermath of the 2011 Japanese tsunami. Nakamuras latest work, which engage cloud, rain and waterfalls in the practice of mark-making are considered by her as a process of collaboration and are exhibited here for the first time.

Since Hilary Ellis's previous solo exhibition at Leyden Gallery, 'Pale Significance' (2015), she has been working intensely at her Kent studio on a vast body of work dealing with repetition and it's dynamic relation to structure and chaos, and the encounter in mark-making. For Ellis the process is not determined by any logical stopping point and often does not coincide with the finishing of the work but is determined by a casual choice. These ideas are explored in an on-going practice that has spanned several decades since Ellis started working as an artist.

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Leyden Gallery 9 Leyden St, London E1 7LE Opening times: Tuesday - Saturday, 11AM- 7PM

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