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Walt Disney's incomparable portrayal of the growth and rise of the lion cub, Simba,in the back drop of the African Savannahs,has been adapted to create the equally awesome West End Theatre creation, "The Lion King".

The show, which is an award winning creation of Julie Taymor, is being currently being staged at the West End's historical Lyceum Theatre, and is on its thirteenth successful year. "The Lion King": It is the story of the young Simba, who struggles with himself, and his battle with his enemies, and eventually, his rise as the king of the Pridelands.Simba is a lion cub born to the King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi. He is destined to be the future king of the Pridelands, the African forest set against the Serengati plains.Simba's uncle Scar, however would not allow him to be the king, and hence begins the story of betrayal,of murder and of revenge.Scar plots to kill Simba, and in the attempt, Mufasa dies saving his own son. Scar convinces Simba that he is the one to be blamed for his father's death.Simba leaves his clan; in remorse, shame and desperation.Scar succeeds Mufasa.Simba grows to adulthood, only to be discovered by his childhood friend Nala.Nala tries to convince him to concede his throne, but in vain.Rafiqi, the wise baboon and the adviser to Mufasa and a friend,takes Simba through a journey of revelation and realisation.Simba identifies Scar, as his father's murderer and avenges his father's death,and becomes the benevolent king of the Pridelands. The show is a complete family entertainment,aimed at enthralling children, preferably of age 6 years and above.With the main characters of Simba, Mufasa, Scar, Rafiqi and Nala; the show is an excellent display of drama, puppetry, stunning colours,surprisingly jaw dropping effects and enchanting music. Julie Taymor, the Director,Costume Designer, Co-designer for mask and puppet and for additional music; won the "Tony Award"in 1998 for the Best Directed musical and best costumes.In 2008, she won 3 Moliere awards; apart from the Drama League Awards, and a host of other awards for direction, original costumes, musk and puppet design.With its rhythmic and foot tapping music by Elton John, along with Hans Zimmer and with lyrics by Tim Rice,the show has over the years, and will,win the hearts of millions.

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