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Shrek the Musical is based on 1990's book Shrek by William Steig, and 2001's DreamWorks film Shrek.

In June 2011 came the West End production, and there many other international productions to open in future. The show features the ogre named Shrek, who is the unlikely hero, together with his loyal Donkey. The two are on a quest to rescue Princess Fiona the tower that is guarded by the fire breathing and love-sick dragon. Shrek had been demanded to perform the rescue by Farquaad, who intended to marry Princess Fiona in order to become king. Farquaad had directed Shrek to perform the rescue in exchange for his swamp's deed. Lord Farquaad had been impressed by Shrek's size and appearance, thus delegating the rescue mission to him. Earlier Shrek had rescued the talkative Donkey from Farquaad's goons, that's why Donkey insisted on tagging on along with him. The main characters are Nigel Lindsay who is plays Shrek, Richard Blackwood acting as Donkey, Kimberley Walsh playing Princess Fiona and Nigel Harman playing as Lord Farquaad. Landi Oshinowo acts as the Dragon, while Jonathan Stewart acts as Pinocchio. Amanda Holden initially played as Princess Fiona, before she was replaced by Kimberley Walsh of UK's group Girls Aloud from October 5, 2011. This was after Amanda Holden announced that she was pregnant. However, you should be aware that the cast is subject to changes, and that there is no guarantee that a particular member of this cast will be performing. This is because a particular cast member can be on a short holiday on the particular day that you have gone to see the show. This show is currently at Royal Drury Lane. The running time for this show is roughly 2 hours 30 minutes. Shrek The musical appeals to the entire family, it is meant for the general audience. However, children below the age of 4 are often not admitted as the show is suitable for those aged 5 and above.

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