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Don't miss Agatha Christie's The Mousetrip! London's West End threatre has been running this well-loved murder mystery play for the last 38 years.

On November 25, 2012, the play will mark its 60th birthday. A visit to London without seeing at St. Martin's The Mousetrap is missing a show which is the longest running (of any type). The play appeals to adults and family/friends/children over 15. The play takes place in the Great Hall of Monkswell Manor in 1952. Mollie and Giles Ralston run the Manor. Christopher Wren, a young hyperactive man, acts strangely and refuses to say what he is running away from. Mrs. Boye, a critical woman, is pleased by nothing she sees. Little is known about Major Metcalf except that he is army retired. Miss Casewell, a strange, aloof, masculine woman, offhandedly talks about her childhoold horrific experinces. Mr. Paravicini, with an affected foreign accent and artifically aged makeup, shows up claiming his car was overturned in a snowdrift. Detective Sergeant Trotter, a policeman, arrives in the snow storm to protect the guests from a murderer. Somone has killed a woman in London. Then Mrs. Boyle is killed. The murderer is there. Who is the killer? Will Sergeant Trotter find out before another guest is murdered? As an added bonus, by tradition, attendees are asked not to reveal the identity of the killer to anyone outside the theatre. No one wants to spoil the end for future attendees. Imagine, there have been over 24,500 performances, 403 cast members, 124 miles of ironed shirts and ice cream sold by the tons. The original cast included Richard Attenborough (Jurassic Park fame) as Detective Sergeant Trotter. Mysie Monte and David Raven, playing Mrs. Boyle and Major Metcalf, each made history playing their parts for more than 11 years. David Raven, a Guinness Book of Records honoree, was awarded the "Most Durable Actor" for his 4575 performances. The Mousetrap cast now changes annually usually around late November, the anniversary of the play's opening. Traditionly, the retiring leading lady and the new leading lady cut a "Mousetrap cake" together.If you plan to visit London then, for sure don't miss seeing The Mousetrap on that special night. On the other hand, do go, anytime.

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