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Music knows no time, gender or geographical boundaries.

70s and early 80s of the nineteenth century is known for giving music a new, different and interesting lease of life. Punk became a rage and a woman who made it larger than life was Toyah Willcox.Toyah, the band which became a cult for amazing punk music which released albums that kept the cash registers ringing. "Four from Toyah" is a classic album which saw so much commercial success that the singer and lady who started the band became a household name for a new genre of music.While the band witness a series of upheavals, splits and arguments, the success of Punk and the lovers of band are here to stay. The singers moved on but people still have vivid and lovely memories of the great music they created together. There have always been talks about reunion to bring back the magic and we all are waiting with bated breath to see that happen!

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