Lullingstone Roman Villa

This is one of the most exciting archaeological finds in all of England. It was built c. AD100, but extended during 300 years of Roman occupation; much is still visible today. View the superb mosaic‐tiled floors, wall paintings and the display of skeletal remains uncovered…
Distance: 6 miles away

Shoreham Aircraft Museum

The Shoreham Aircraft Museum was founded in 1978 by local enthusiasts, whose passion for the Battle of Britain period resulted in the establishment of a permanent display in 1988.The museum houses hundreds of aviation relics excavated by the group over many years from crashed British and German aircraft,…
Distance: 4.2 miles away

Tunbridge Wells Museum And

‐ Enjoy our wonderful collections‐ Share the special story of Tunbridge Wells‐ Visit our major exhibitions and events‐ Take part in activities for everyoneTunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery shares the special story of the borough of Tunbridge Wells. Set in the countryside…
Distance: 10.4 miles away

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