Marwell Zoo

Marwell is a great place for a day out. From antelope to ants, from bats to bongo, from wallabies to warthogs, from zebra to zebu ‐ there are over 200 different species of amazing animals.Zambar the Amur tiger cub was born in March and had a slightly shaky…
Distance: 6.5 miles away

Finkley Down Farm Park

Finkley Down Farm Park in Andover, Hampshire is a family run children's farm with all the character of a traditional farm but in a safe, secure, friendly environment. Children can 'let off steam' in the large playground which includes the Pyramid Slide, a combine harvester, aerial runway…
Distance: 15 miles away

Longdown Dairy Farm

Lots of hands‐on activities every dayplus indoor and outdoor play areas. Of course we have cows two different breeds. The large black and white cows are Friesian Holstein and the smaller toffee coloured cows are Jerseys. The sick bay and the maternity unit are permanently on…
Distance: 8.3 miles away

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