The Past Comes Alive!
Bourne Hall Park

Meet two ladies in waiting from the court of Elizabeth I at Nonsuch who will tell what life was like in the palace which she loved to visit. Learn of the changes she made to fit in her huge wardrove…

Jubilee Steamings
Bolton Steam Museum

Volunteers from the Northern Mill Engine Society have rescued and restored 30 old stationary steam engines which once drove the cotton mills and woollen mills of the North of England. Our oldest engine is over 180 years old…

Meet the Agincourt Archer and Pilgrim
Bourne Hall Museum Children's Club

his time in France and his part in the famous battle. Hear how he returned home a rich but scarred veteran. After several decades of peace the English had resumed the war amid the failure of negotiations with the French…

Expansion Rebellion - Stop the Third Runway, Save
Conway Hall

A story of hope in the face of widespread consternation over the global climate crisis. For many people concerned about global warming the 2018 vote by UK parliamentarians to proceed with the plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport…

Polling UnPacked - The History, Uses and Abuses of
Conway Hall

Mark Pack gives us the full story from the first rudimentary polls in the nineteenth century through attempts by politicians to ban polling in the twentieth century to the very latest techniques and controversies from the last few years. In…

Tear Down their Statues, Build your own Monuments
Amersham Arms

Tear Down their Statues Build your own MonumentsAs we tear down their statues we shall build monuments of our own. With Alex von Tunzelmann Lucy Coleman Talbot Brockey Society and Films from Video Strolls.Alex von Tunzelmann ‐ Fallen IdolsIn 2020…

From Community to Hospital and Back Again

Hear how the history of care for people with learning disabilities has shifted over time and how community care functions today.Before the early 19th century people with learning disabilities were largely ignored in healthcare and medicine. Since practitioners were paid…

Combe Mill `In Steam` `Wheels ` Sun 19th June 2022
Combe Mill

Combe Mill in Steam Sun 19th June 2022Themed Wheels event.Cars. Tractors. Motor Cycles Models and much more.Blenheim Palace Sawmills Long Hanborough OX29 8ETBring the children and enjoy the exhibits . Millie the cat trail to win…

A History of Sickle Cell Disease & Race in the NHS

Join historians expert nurses and patients to find out more about the history of sickle cell disease and treatment in the UK.The British welfare state was founded on and supported by migrant Black and Asian labour. However these workers own…

Cavendish Square HERstories: A Walking Tour
Royal College of Nursing

A walking tour of the history of nursing and womens suffrage around the Royal College of Nursing celebrating 100 years of the RCN Library.In 1918 some women in the UK gained the right to vote; in 1919 nurse activists achieved…